Nathan's Oil Inc. - 508 873 8657
I would like to say thanks to over 1500 customers that pay regularly by check. The trust level is important between Us and we value it most of all. 

You trust me to get your delivery done before or on schedule,we both trust Donna and Betty to get the info correct so delivery is done correctly and We trust your payment will process without issue. 

We had an issue in the beginning.  Then word got out that writing a Bad check is a Felony. 

Anyone who writes a bad check is responsible for any and all fees that arise from the bad check.
Please understand we are a small oil company. 

We pass most of the oil money along up the ladder keeping a small amount for us.
 We truly make every penny work for us and bad checks just make a mess of everything.
    If it does happen please call Donna and she can work payment arrangements that work for everyone. 
We offer a less gallon delivery to our dedicated customer  once to help if someone could only afford say 50 gallon. We can do that to help but please understand not often because we loose money. Goal is keep everyone warm and the cash flowing up the ladder! 
Thanks for your understanding and support!!!!


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