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We deliver Premium #2 Heating Oil with 0% Biofuel!

Our entire business model was created from high quality fuels and high quality service that has been built upon since our start in 2013.

$4.45 CASH 


Call today to schedule a yearly clean/tune up for spring-summer.

For those who truly are dedicated to us. The service end is truly what makes this feel like a complete package but we never will lock you into a contract. This coming warm season is the perfect time to schedule a cleaning for your boiler or furnace. Parts that should be replaced will be recommended to the customer but always asked before replacing. We try to fully examine your system to make sure its in excellent shape for the upcoming cold season without worry of breakdowns.

What our customers are saying

You guys are the best!! I will never do business with anyone else in the oil business!!

Joyce Bellerive (Top Fan of Nathan's Oil Facebook Page)

Get in touch!


157 Old Worcester RD

Charlton MA



(508) 873-8657

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