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Why Pay Cash ???

                                                 Why Cash you ask?
      In this Blog we will cover some of the Safety and money saving reason we conduct business MOSTLY in this manner. First let me assure you it has nothing to do with your good credit. Having the $350-$850 to purchase fuel cash assures me of your good credit. When you are looking for a good deal we all know Cash is the deal maker. Its no different in this business. Purchasing oil bulk with cash opens doors to many different suppliers  They  offer better deals when no finance charges are involved. We ask the same of our customers so we can pass the money it cost to except checks and credit cards on to them. The biggest part is a lot of the money is passed threw your local oil dealer and on to Oil traders and Bankers.  In these hard economic times we see no reason to fund an industry that needed bail outs. Its time you got a bail out!!! Heating oil is a big expense for all of us.
                                                       Service Work
 We understand service work can be unexpected and costly sometimes. We will do everything we can to get your heat running within your budget. From cleanings to FULL replacement of systems A/C or Heating we will take Credit cards.
                                           !!!!!!!SAFTEY FIRST!!!!!!!
 To us your Family, Pets and home are our biggest concern. We have all heard the stories of split tanks, miss deliveries, over fill, and I ordered 100 why is it full??? I could talk  about what I have seen all day. In 12 years I have never had a reportable spill. On three different trucks I had the hose rupture and spilled less than 5 gallons. Knowing this is HAZMAT and how to contain and stop accidents before they happen, I have made our company policy from day one. 
  In a large part of these accidents the common factor was the customer was not home during delivery. With a cash  system someone must be home. I know you live in a trustworthy area but leaving cash out is never a good idea.
  Lets take this for example. You are not home and delivery is made. Something goes wrong with the tank and oil is leaking. It is impossible for a driver to know from outside that a problem even happened. When you get home hours later the house smells of fuel so bad you wont be able to stay there because 245 gallons of fuel oil is on the basement floor. All Oil companies carry  millions of dollars in insurance policies that would replace any  home. Think of the year in a hotel or friends spare room during repair work. Up to a year!!! The conveniences we all expect these days do not apply when it comes to HAZMAT and Your FAMILY.
 After we deliver we inspect or ask you to check your oil tank for any leaks or smell of oil. Small spills and tank leaks are easily stopped, cleaned up, reported ,inspected and a plan can be made to correct the situation before it turns into a disaster. BUT only if  you are home and an after delivery inspection is made. We are delivering Hazmat/ Combustible liquid in quantities of over 100 gallons. A transfer we believe deserves the time of both shipper and receiver/customer.
 Common problem with second fill ups. Ice and snow build up around vent and fill pipes. Please keep them clear and easily visible.  When an oil truck that pumps at 68- 70 gallons per minute (best operating speed of most oil pumps)  starts pumping the air in your tank can't escape if ice and snow cover the vent pipe. This builds tremendous pressure extremely fast. Most house tanks are tested way below 10psi an oil truck can build 60psi in second if the vent is totally blocked. Causing a small slit in the tank at its weakest spot.
   We hope this has helped remind everyone this is a HAZMAT transaction we are dealing with and a safe and reliable company is Nathan's Oil to deal with.
 Also a time honored lesson we all know: You want the best real deal pay CASH !!!
We will also take Credit  debit cards.  Paper Checks from Auto delivery customers only!!!!
Thanks for reading our blog Hope you check back for weekly updated topics about oil that affect us all.      Mike and Nathan Patrick
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