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Pollution Insurance Policy

Under insured Techs!!! Be warned !!!
 As we are building our service department we have been trying different sub contract heating companies and Techs to find the perfect fit for Our way of doing business.  
  In SO MANY cases we found the insurance policy is written up for Oil Burner tech but not for large oil spills. Great workmanship always on time and neat. But not insured properly
When servicing the Oil tank the filter and gasket must be removed. Times have shown that a new gasket can be cut during install of housing that holds the  new filter.  Say your tank is now at 1/4 when, its filled next the pressure from a full tank causes the oil to leak from the gasket!!!
 Pollution policy  is what covers if the tech forgets to take the rag out of the smoke stake or leaves the cover off on part of the chimmney and the house fills with carbon monoxide GOD FORBIN THIS EVER HAPPEN but you get where this is headed!!!

TOO often has these stories become reality. Now you go back to the tech to find they have no pollution clause in their policy. Whats next??? 
 The difference  is $1000 without and $6500 with pollution clause for 1 million in coverage. 
 So please before you get fooled buy a good deal ask to see the pollution clause!!! 
  Our techs that are working on Our jobs have a signed work order to ensure they have accesses to Our $4 million  policy.
SOON I will find the tech that fits Our way of thinking but not RUSHING anything!!!! 
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