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Our hourly rate for repair is $125 per hour with a 1 hr min.

Cleanings: $150 plus parts & taxes (most systems). Call and schedule your next cleaning for your system today. It may be early before the warm season but that service book fills up fast.

Emergency service calls: $225 per hour 1 hour min

We are waiting for your call. No, really. We will answer the phone, come out fast, and do our best to get your heat running fast as possible.

Payment: Cash or Debit/Credit cards. Checks from established Oil customers only.

Our hourly rate is $125 p/h during normal business hours and $225 p/h during emergency calls.

Emergency oil deliveries have a delivery fee of $150 with no charge to prime your boiler or furnace.

The drivers and techs are on OT or double time so that fee doesn't cover their pay. I have to pay 4 hour min. Its fair because from call to return home most run outs/service calls calls take 3+ hours.​

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